Surveys: You Asked for It

Aug 11, 2014 10:47:42 AM
by LERN |

You have all provided responses to the surveys LERN sends out. Many times our members request a specific survey, and we try to accommodate you by gathering information from your colleagues in LERN.

Below are the results of a recent survey sent out at the request of one of our members in Community Education/Public Schools:



  • We actually target some specific programs that need a little extra push for sign ups in a flyer format that the schools copy and place on the back of the monthly school meal menu.
  • Only after-school programs
  • Only Summer and summer sports programs
  • Nearly 20% responded that the school district no longer allows this practice
  • We post it online
  • We put flyers in the office where parents can pick them up

LERN Comment:  LERN recommends that whenever possible you send flyers home with children in grades 1-4 at least. This has been shown to increase enrollments and is a highly effective, low-cost way to reach the largest number of parents of young students.


LERN was surprised to find that half of programs do not track the response to the flyers and brochures they send out. In today’s environment, tracking the effectiveness of your brochure distribution is essential. LERN offers free segmentation and tracking analysis for LERN members who want to get data on how to maximize enrollments and revenue from your program.


Respondents’ Comments

  • We experienced a decline, but we have increased marketing by email, radio, and newspaper and feel the public will adapt.
  • Not much impact on summer camps
  • Significant declines in sports leagues
  • Declines in sports leagues, so we started doing direct mail to past participants.
  • We use social media and electronic guides now.

LERN Comments

It is clear that the impact of eliminating distribution by elementary students has a negative impact on enrollments for many programs. Programs that have implemented direct mail have likely had more success in maintaining enrollments. Marketing research is clear on the point that the printed brochure is more effective than digital brochures, or email promotion and far more effective than Social Media in generating enrollments. Supplementing the print brochure with electronic marketing is an effective way to increase enrollments.  LERN members can find a report in the LERN Knowledge Base on the rationale for maintaining distribution of the print brochure.



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