BC Recreation Program first to get New LERN Social Media Analysis

Nov 12, 2015 2:34:37 PM
by Katie |

Struggling with using social media to market your program? LERN can help. Struggling with using social media to market your program? LERN can help.

LERN recently completed its first social media analysis for a recreation department in British Columbia.

The critique centered on the Township’s Facebook page, which is used by the recreation department, along with the Township government and other divisions within the municipality. The recreation department is in the process of pushing for its own, unique Facebook page and began the process hoping LERN’s findings and recommendations would help give a needed extra push.

To begin the process, LERN had a discussion with the member to go over current issues or barriers the program faces using social media, capabilities, and time that is and could be spent on social media, goals, target audience demographics and other key information.
Using GoToMeeting, the member was able to share the program’s Facebook Insights with LERN (this can also be done by giving LERN Analyst permissions on a page), so post reach, engagement, and other metrics could be used as part of the overall analysis.

After diving into the program’s Insights and monitoring the page, LERN delivered a 12-page, in-depth report with analysis, statistics, specific recommendations, and resources.

The report included recommendations and information on:
• Posting best practices
• Search Engine Optimization
• Setting internal guidelines for posting to the program’s social media channels
• Using an editorial/marketing calendar
• Boosting posts
• Using images
• Creating content
• Social media tools
• And much more
The custom report received very positive feedback:

Thank you so very much, this looks fantastic!

My manager and I are going to go over it and we’ll let you know if anything catches our eye that could be tweaked.

I look forward to updating you on how things are going here.

Have a great day and thanks again.

The report is also being used in developing the Township’s new Corporate Social Media Strategy.

For more information on LERN’s Social Media Analysis or to request to have your social media page and practices analyzed, contact us at or (800) 678-5376.

The cost for the analysis and custom report is $195 for LERN members and $395 for nonmembers.



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