Do NOT do these things

Nov 21, 2018 1:00:00 AM
by LERN |
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Do NOT do these things in your print brochure, or anywhere. You will not get registrations. 

-Do NOT put a box around the UGotClass listings in your print brochure like an ad.
-Do NOT just list UGotClass Certificate and/or course titles without a description in your print brochure.
-Do NOT send people to the UGotClass web page URL to register.

  Instead, 1) run y/our UGotClass certificates and courses right next to your in-person classes.  2) run a 80-120 word description for our certificates, just like you do a description for your in-person classes.  3) for any UGotClass certificate or class in your print brochure, you take the registrations just like you do for your in-person classes: phone, mail, online, walk-in, etc.



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