Do NOT say “UGotClass” or “LERN.”

Dec 3, 2018 1:00:00 AM
by LERN |

Woods Early FallSquare They register for our online courses because they know and trust you. Don’t confuse them with another name, it just reduces your registrations.

   Like for your in-person classes, your print brochure generates the vast majority of registrations and income for UGotClass Certificates.  Every top UGotClass Partner uses the 7-Step model just described.  In fact, our most successful Partners created the 7-Step Model.

   Start planning right now for your next print brochure and how many UGotClass certificates you will list in your next print brochure. Make Space = Make Money.  It is so easy using our 7-Step Model.   Questions?  Just email us at  or call us toll free at 855-846-8252.



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