Top Course Gets High Evaluations

Jun 26, 2017 1:00:00 AM
by LERN |

John Rutledge (3).jpgIf you thought your students would not be as happy in our biggest class, think again. They like it even more!
   Introduction to Data Analysis, which regularly pulls more than 100 students per session, has an astounding 98% satisfaction rate, according to the anonymous student evaluations.  Over the last year, only 4 students were not satisfied out of 176 evaluations.  UGotClass overall has an amazing 96% satisfaction rate for all of our courses combined.
   What you need to know:
1.No student is turned away from our classes.
2.When we get a big class, we divide the students into two different classrooms so your students are not overwhelmed.
3.Our teachers are paid by the student, so your students get the same amount of attention even in our big classes.
4.Quality and satisfaction actually goes up with our largest class!  Tell your potential students.



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