What to Do in April

Apr 2, 2017 12:50:00 PM
by Kayla Pettis |
Don't forget about UGotClass as the weather gets warmer and we start seeing signs of spring!

1.Print. Get UGotClass certificates in your next print brochure.
Include our top 10 certificates with descriptions. Sept-Nov is one of (y)our top 2 sessions for registrations.

2.Web Design. Get ‘Web Design’ promotion in your print brochure, web site, and email. If registrations for the Fall session of this course are high, we'll move to make a 3-course certificate quickly!

3.Email.  Email your customers for May and June-August classes.

4.Video. Post a video from us on your website.  View our YouTube channel for inspiration. We can customize the end slide of these videos with your information, if you'd like.


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What to Do in April
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