What to Do in July and August

Jul 24, 2017 2:00:00 AM
by LERN |
Think Winter.
-For your next print brochure, plan now to highlight our big February-April 2018 session, one of the two top sessions of the year for UGotClass registrations.
-If you generate fewer than 100 UGotClass registrations a year, double the space in your print brochure.
-Look at giving our $495 and $595 Certificates a few more lines of space than some of your lower priced courses. You get more ROI.
-Add "This Certificate Guaranteed, or Your Money Back" to your certificate descriptions for UGotClass.
-Each print brochure, run 20% (1 out of 5) UGotClass Certificates that you have not yet offered before. Be sure to "New!" before the Certificate title.Catalog Cover Image-3.jpg


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