What’s Hot for 2015

Tue, Nov 04,2014 @ 10:42 AM
by Zech Hipp |


10 Most Profitable

1. Certificate in Data Analysis
2. Social Media in Business Certificate
3. eMarketing Essentials Certificate
4. Certificate in Customer Service
5. Certificate in Online Instruction and Certified
Online Instructor (COI)
6. Supervisory Leadership Certificate
7. Management Certificate
8. Entrepreneurship Certificate
9. Certificate in Teaching Adults
10. Business Research Certificate

New for 2015

Some 25 more new courses and certificates in 2015.
New! Courses for Parents
New! Entrepreneurship Finance Certificate
New! Introduction to Project Management
New! Executive Leadership Certificate
New! Certificate Blended Instruction
New! Podcasting
and many more…..

Next Hot Courses?

Here’s our predictions for the next hot courses trending up in 2015:
1. Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers
2. Female Bullying in the Workplace
3. Introduction to Project Management
4. Self Publishing eBooks Certificate
5. Entreprenuerial Finance Certificate

Your 2015 Goal

Become a Top Partner. Just register 4 students a month. Every Partner can become a Top Partner.

Top 3 Marketing Strategies

1. Promote our certificates and courses in your print brochure, with course descriptions.
2. Offer our 10 most profitable certificates
3. Promote most, if not all, our courses on your web site. Either create course descriptions and web pages yourself, or use our pre-made web pages with your name, logo and registration links.

Top 10 Marketing Strategies

4. Offer 4-6 UGotClass courses as “New!” every print brochure
5. Email customers several months a year
6. Follow up 2-3 times with students who inquire
7. Email past students with names of 1-3 courses they should take next
8. Send flyers with group rates to the HR director at corporations and large organizations
9. Encourage people to call you with questions
10. Put student testimonials in your brochure, emails and web site.
What’s Hot for 2015


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