Autobiography Workshop

Everyone has a story and someone wants to know yours! Begin penning your life story, 2-pages at a time, using activities and weekly themes to stimulate memories and structure your writing. This course creates a comfortable environment for memoirists of all levels, even those who think they are not writers. Beginners appreciate the simple tips designed to jumpstart their writing, those with more experience welcome the regular assignments that keep them moving forward. While there is no formal literary critique participants share their weekly 2-page vignettes and provide mutual encouragement. If you want to have fun, make new online friends and delight in a wondrous potpourri of personal stories, this class is for you!

Saturday September 18th. 5 sessions. 10am-12:30pm PT. $79

Offered by Pasadena City College

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Minds in Motion: Let's Get Writing Series

Whether your goal is to be a published author or simply to put your idea to paper, learn the strategies to successfully tell your story! Begin with the elements of a great idea and how to expand that idea into a well-developed outline. Fill in the blanks of the outline with emotion, tension, and intrigue. Learn strategies to stay motivated, know when your story is "done," and how to revise it. Discuss the myths and realities of becoming a published author.

Tuesdays, November 2nd-November 23rd. 1pm-3pm ET. $89

Offered by Schoolcraft College

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Write a Novel in 30 Days Workshop: The NANOWRIMO Challenge

"Writing a novel is a momentous achievement that can take years of work. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenges you to create your first draft in thirty days. Is this possible? Yes! Every year, authors meet the challenge. Many turn their NaNoWriMo drafts into published books. Take the express route to achieving your authoring dreams with this accelerated novel workshop. We will review novel elements, participate in group critiques, experiment with creative writing exercises, and take advantage of in-class novel writing time. From novel planning, to writing, to next steps, this class will help you reach your goal.

Not sure about your novel plans? Already started (or stalled on) a novel? No problem! Students come to this class with varying levels of preparation and goals. Whether you have no idea what to write or you have already started (or nearly completed) a novel, this class will help you boost your writing speed, creativity and confidence. Experience the camaraderie and inspiration of writing with your classmates in this unique atmosphere, and feel the exhilaration as your dreams become reality."

Thursday, October 21st-December 2nd. 6:30-9:30pm ET. $335

Offered by Harper College

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Introduction to Grant Writing

Gain an overview of the grant writing process and the components of writing a successful grant proposal. In the non-profit community, there is a great demand for grant writers who understand the needs in developing a comprehensive grant proposal.

Tuesday and Thursday, December 7th and 9th. 5:30-8:30pm ET. $245

Offered by Harper College

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How to Self Publish for Free-Session 1: Self-Publishing Basics

"This course will start your personal journey to becoming a royalty-earning self-published author. Write the next Great American Novel. Share your professional expertise. Tell your family’s story. Whatever you dream of writing, write and publish it yourself. Learn how to produce e-books and print books through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, and other online platforms, that will give you worldwide reach for your work from a successful self-published author.

Learn all the basics including proper manuscript and book formatting, book cover design, editing tools, publishing platforms. Learn how to create accounts and understand dashboards and reports. Learn about copyrights, ISBN, LCCN, and AISN, Develop a self-publishing plan and take steps to put that plan into action. Students who already have a book in progress can develop it for publication, while students who are new to writing and self-publishing, will develop a solid understanding of this exciting and constantly-evolving new industry in this content-rich class."

Saturday, September 11th. 9am-11am CT. $49

Offered by Harper College

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Grant Writing for Novices

Obtain an overview of the four types of grants and the common elements found in grant proposals. Funding sources for each type will be reviewed and various elements of proposals will be reviewed in detail.

Monday, September 13th. 5:30pm-7:30pm CT. $49.

Offered by Online Services and Educational Outreach

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How to Start Writing Your Book

What are you waiting for? Whether you want to write a novel, magazine article, e-book or even blog, there’s never been a better time to start writing.

In this two-day virtual class, start with the basics of who you are, what motivates you to write and deciding what you want to write about. Class activities will help you find your direction and layout a writing process that makes sense for you. You'll also learn how to create the best working environment possible in your home, tips on the creative process and how to overcome common roadblocks with writing.

Published author Tina Thompson will discuss the inner workings of the book publishing industry along with her experience in writing and publishing. At the end of the class, you’ll feel confident and motivated to start your journey with writing.

Saturday, September 4th. 9am-11:30am ET. $89.

Offered by Pellissippi State Community College

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