8 tips for a successful contract sales division staff structure

Tue, Dec 16,2014 @ 12:05 PM
by Kathryn Will |

Winning continuing education units operate their contract sales division separate from theirSuccessful staff structure tips for contract sales divisions open enrollment division. 

Because contract sales is selling to clients and open enrollment is selling to students, the sales and marketing strategies are different. This whitepaper on contract sales division staff structure shares the eight best tips for success. 

The 2015 LERN Contract Training Conference is March 10-12 in Chicago, with a pre-conference day on March 10, offers you an extra opportunity to take home even more information, tips and techniques on running a successful and profitable contract training unit. See the full brochure here

The 2015 LERN Contract Training Conference includes sessions that will:

  • Help you create targeted and relevant training for new and existing clients
  • Allow you to communicate effectively in contract training sales situations
  • Teach you how to deepen client relationships 
  • Provide you with the tools you need to create a contract training take-away plan
Download: 2015 Contract  Training Conference Brochure


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