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Mon, Sep 07,2015 @ 11:27 AM
by Suzanne Kart |

Over the last 10 years, 90% of the continuing and community education professionals who have become LERN Certified Program Planners have been trained by Fred Bayley. Hailing from North Carolina, Fred was the Dean of Continuing Education at Isothermal CommunityFred Bayley, LERNCollege where he worked diligently to implement LERN course programming, marketing, sales and operations best practices. 

Participants in both Fred's face-to-face and online trainings rave about his techniques and his caring heart. Fred spends whatever time is necessary to support the people he is training to ensure they understand and can implement the information he is providing.

"Fred Bayley is amazing! His class management and instructional style made the days go by quickly. Informaton presentation was never dry which made it easy to stay focused."

-Mike Fitzgerald, Harper College

"I left the Program Management Institute with a confidence that I learned a lot of valuable information to improve my job."

-Ayopha Stalliard, University of the Virgin Islands

Fred presents at LERN's big conference – in December in New Orleans – but also has presented onsite throughout North America. 

As the business of continuing and community education gets more complex, Fred has focused his time on conferring with staff to learn what they need to know to be successful and then researches and implements what he has discovered. An area of Fred's expertise is customer service and Fred has presented webinars, onsite trainings and conference presentations on customer service best practices.

Check out this video tip sheet from Fred on Why You Can't Underprice Your Courses:

Fred Bayley, LERN

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