C.E. Leaders Plan New Directions

Feb 7, 2014 1:12:06 PM
by LERN |

Continuing education leaders in higher education met last month in Tucson to plan new directions for the field.  Here are some of the notes. Thanks to Susan Davis for the notes.


  • Wraparound services, training instructors, instructional designers, more templates are being given out to assist instructors
  • Pre-college extension
  • Conferences and open house attendance are up
  • Universities are targeting alumni first for professional development courses.
  • Issue: What is continuing education becoming and how do we position ourselves?
  • Issue: A lot of colleges are shelving programs due to enrollments being low, but not looking at the big picture and how they could be revised instead.

Community Colleges

  • Moving toward offering college credit for continuing education; what are the implications? How to implement this?
  • Trends in rapid response technology
  • Power of partnerships with employers
  • Challenges of offering credit for prior learning

Credit as a New Trend

  • Unbundling credit courses and breaking them into bite size modules for accelerated learning.
  • LERN should create a white paper on how this is being done and examples of success stories so you can build your case. Show best practices.


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