Hot New Fall Courses in CE

Oct 9, 2015 2:53:52 PM
by Katie |

TreeHere are the results from our survey of hot new courses this fall in continuing education. Plus the successful CE program administrators’ predictions for the next hot new course.

Leading the list are new technology courses, along with a mix of career courses, certificates, and avocational and leisure courses.

Also emerging is a greater interest in how learning and teaching is change, as illustrated by this report from one continuing educator, “I am seeing a BIG interest in how students, learn, tools for helping them learn (mindfulness meditation is really taking off) and differences in the classroom – The impact of disabilities on behavior, behavioral management principles, and engaging the digital child.”

University Continuing Education
Continuing educators in universities are reporting a mix of new technology, certificates in career fields, and traditional avocational classes.

Here are hot new continuing education classes in universities right now:
Technology topics include apps development, coding, digital marketing and cyber security.
Career training with technology topics include medical lab technology, and health information technology.
Certificate programs include graphic design certificate, professional certificate in hospitality, craft beer certificate, wine beer and spirits for employment in the hospitality industry.
Avocational and other hot classes include mindfulness for young learners, dining with diabetes, and executive functions.

Community College Continuing Education
 Here are the latest hot new classes for successful CE units in community colleges:
-Excellence in Leadership Certificate
-Home Brewing series
-One & Done Art (Pinterest-type) classes|
-Country Western Line Dancing
-Elements of tea tasting.
- Mental Health First Aid
-The Encore Career: Is it for you?
-For contracted training, a cohort class, “Leadership in Manufacturing” is proving to be very successful.  A result of input from the Manufacturing Sector board group, this class has sold out
- Registered Massage Therapy Diploma (2 years, full-time)

Here’s what successful continuing educators in community colleges predict will be hot next.
-Lunch ‘N Learn series mixing ½ professional and ½ leisure 1-hour classes
-Fiber Optics
-Date Night cooking series
-Recipe to Market Entrepreneurship Certificate
- Make the most of your Mac laptop.
-Project Management
- Project Management (another vote)
-Agile/SCRUM certificate program
- Comix [sic] & Graphic Novels Certificate



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