Text Feedback Will Change Your Class

Mar 19, 2015 9:43:53 AM
by Katie |

text feedback“Text feedback will change your class,”  Jared Campbell of Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida, told the Third Annual Faculty Development Conference participants.

Text feedback - - texting the instructor during the class - - is one of the big ways to engage Gen Y and Gen Z in face-to-face classes, he noted.

The texts can be student:

*Responses to a poll or survey
*Answers to a quiz question
*Open ended short comments
*Ideas that the students themselves generate
*Feedback on a specific activity or concept.

Text feedback engages students to a much higher degree, creating motivation, interaction, and increasing learning during class time.

Texting answers to a quiz question is one way to increase formative or ongoing frequent assessments, which research has been shown to enhance learning.  Because response do not identify the individual student, texting is a way for students to “painlessly fall on the ground” in their learning, said Campbell.

“Texting is also a way to deepen the discussion in class,” relayed Campbell.



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