First Things First

Thu, Jan 21,2016 @ 01:08 PM
by Dr. Layne J. Harpine |

iStock_000009175043_Small.jpgHey! First things first. If you’re a Contract Training sales person your first thing is to make some money. So every day, sit down with your day planner and decide what you’ll do the next day to make some money. Making a little money every day will help you make the “12 times your personal income” goal in revenues produced.

What kind of things make money? Only a few, really. They include:

  • Make a sales call. In person is best, by phone is second. Email doesn’t count unless it’s a lead. Do a cold call or follow up on a lead or a proposal you’ve sent out.
  •  Do some marketing. Work on your plan. This is job one. If that’s done, execute one of your promotional strategies. No matter how good you are, if no one knows you’re there, you won’t make money.
  • Create a digital promotion that gets you someone’s contact info in exchange for a free e-book or PDF of some important information your clients would like to read. When they give you their name and email, send them the promised item and then across the next three weeks send them one more great free thing–and then send them a letter about your contract training unit and all you can do for them. Go for the appointment! If you don’t get one, follow up with a call.
  • Go see a potential new client and be assertive about getting a lead. Plan to make 2-3 visits to different potential clients. If you work in a dispersed area, then do your prospecting by phone or have an in-house sales person do it for you.
  • Go ask a STAR client for a referral. Ask for two, you’ll probably get one.
  • Call the last 5 people who did contracts with you and see if they’re ready for some follow on Take an article or a brochure or a newspaper article about their business.

Do something EVERY day that makes you money!



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