Five tips for closing a contract training sale

Wed, Mar 04,2015 @ 08:30 AM
by Dr. Layne J. Harpine |

iStock_000057966158_SmallThe longer it takes to close a sale, the less money you’re making. No one closes until they’ve been convinced the training or other work you do will bring in more value than it costs. So, how do you close a sale? 

  • Stop talking. It’s entirely possible they are convinced and are just waiting for you to ask if they’re ready. Many sales people make this mistake regularly.
  • Get honest. Just say it plain and simple, “It seems like this makes sense to me. Does it make sense to you, too?” If it does, you should be saying you’ll check the instructor’s availability.
  • Ask for next steps. Say, “I want to help us stay on track here. So, what’s the next thing I can do for you?” Whatever it is, say “yes." You want to keep up the momentum; however small, on a sale. If they have no ideas, suggest a next step. Keep asking about next steps until you’re closing.
  • Partner on more things. Keep asking the client for their specific wants and needs for the job. The more they partner to construct the solution and its roll out, the closer you are to closing the deal. Essentially, you want them to feel like this training is their idea.
  • Continuously reiterate the value of what you’re doing to the client. You do all kinds of fantastic things – most of them invisible. Contact the client along the way during the sales process and let them know what you’re doing. Tell them; for example, when you contact a subject matter expert for their advice or to come along to a future visit. If you do a little research to find out something about credit or facility availability – let your client know. You want them to have the sense that you work for them.

The close is a natural outcome of closeness between a sales person and a client, so get in there and make some relationships. Then, use that relationship currency to close the sale.

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