Get the best value for your year-end budget dollars with LERN

Fri, Jun 05,2015 @ 02:00 PM
by Kathryn Will |

HiRes-2It's almost the end of the fiscal year and many LERN members are looking to LERN to help maximize the bang for the buck with the dollars remaining in their budgets.

Here are some ways you can get the best value for your year-end budget dollars:

  1. Register NOW for a LERN Institute or the Annual Conference. Spend those remaining dollars AND get an early-bird discount. (click here to see the dates and locations for what’s coming up in FY 16).
  2. Renew your membership early. We will extend your membership for a full year beyond your current expiration date, and it will save dollars you can use for other LERN services in FY 16.
  3. Recruit a colleague to LERN. Help them take advantage of Information that Works!(Recruit a new member, and we’ll give you an additional 10 percent discount on any LERN product or event, excluding contract consulting services.)

With event discounts, one-on-one consulting, access to LERN's suite of software and tools, free annual website and brochure critiques, and access to LERN's new Knowledge Base with more than 650 reports, templates, guides and more, LERN memberships are more valuable than ever.

LERN member programs generate more registrations, are better suited to improve staff productivity and reduce costs than programs that aren't members. 

See all of the benefits associated with being a LERN member. 

Renewing is easy. You can give us a call at (800) 678-5376, email us at,  or fill out a LERN membership form online



2015 LERN Annual Conference



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