Is adult coloring on your next course schedule?

Wed, Oct 28,2015 @ 10:53 AM
by Kathryn Lynch-Morin |

Coloring books are back in a big way. 

Touted as a way to relieve stress or get the creative juices flowing, coloring isn't just cool for kids anymore. 

Intricate and beautifully-drawn coloring books for adults top many of Amazon's best-seller lists, including Stress Management and Self-Help. A single artist has sold nearly 5 million copies of her coloring books according to a story from CBS News

LERN member programs - including recreation, public schools and community ed, and higher ed - have started adding adult coloring courses to the schedule.  

Some coloring class formats wouldn't even require an instructor - such as a regularly scheduled Coloring Club.

One California recreation member offers a weekly coloring class with an option to pay a drop-in fee or a discounted monthly rate. 

recent article from MindBodyGreen, an online publication about living a better life, lays out some of the best reasons to give adult coloring a try, including it being a great way to spend an evening with friends and the brain stimulating benefits.

"Research shows you have your best ideas when your right brain is stimulated. Coloring gets those creative juices flowing and helps you think outside the box (while trying to stay inside the lines)," the author writes. 

Does your program have an adult coloring class? We'd love to hear about it or see pictures. 

Share your adult coloring class stories and ideas with us at


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