More Evidence for the Print Brochure

Wed, May 10,2017 @ 11:46 AM
by Julie Coates |

Capture-9.jpgDistrict 128 Community Education in Vernon Hills, IL, gives us some good data on the importance of the print brochure.

Combining best practices such as a prominent table of contents, a well-designed registration page and a back cover that promotes specific courses, the district has created a winning publication. Not only do they pay attention to the key marketing areas of their brochure, they also track performance.

Tracking the performance of the brochure and analyzing the metrics of their marketing efforts is almost as important as the brochure itself. By using regular analysis and measurements of outcomes, the staff at District 128 are able to make fact based decisions and adjustments to their marketing piece that will help them remain successful.

One important piece of data reported by the district is that currently 74.6 percent of registrations are generated by the print brochure received in the mail.

Takeaways from this exemplary practice are:

  1. Follow best practices in brochure design as closely as possible
  2. Print and mail a brochure as your primary marketing piece
  3. Track performance metrics to make data-based adjustment for continuous improvement


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