Nine Shift: Media Part of the Anti-Male Conspiracy

Sun, May 03,2015 @ 03:36 PM
by William Draves |

nineshiftmediaThe media, even my beloved BBC, is part of the anti-male conspiracy today.

Ignoring science in trying to get women into science, the media is devoted to the myth of "gender diversity" in every profession, especially that women can and should be 50% of engineers and STEM professionals.

Even the BBC allowed that the representation of women in 15% of the computer tech jobs in Silicon Valley was "sad" and "ugly."  (BBC Business News, March 31, 2015).  

Not that the media, nor anyone else, thinks "gender diversity" works the other way. Males are only 15% of elementary school teachers, just 10-11% of nurses.  But is the situation in hospitals "sad" or "ugly"?  Nope.  

Teachers in Amery, Wisconsin, getting CEUs for listening to my presentation on gender differences in learning.  Only 15% of elementary school teachers are male, a situation called "sad" and "ugly" by the BBC (not). 



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