Salina Public Library successfully rolls out new programming with great brochure

Tue, Jul 21,2015 @ 04:04 PM
by Brendan Marsello |

Salina_Public_Library_CoverCreating new classes and programming is one of the best ways to keep a program fresh and generate new students. Marketing this new content can be a challenge, but it is essential in order to maximize the return on your efforts. Since a lifelong learning programs’ print brochure is still its best marking tool, creatively featuring new content in your brochure is essential. 

Salina Public Library’s Community Learning and Skill Sharing (CLASS) has done an exemplary job of featuring their new “CLASS 4 Kids” programming in their model brochure.

Salina Public Library rolled out their new CLASS 4 Kids programming in their fall 2014 brochure. Overall, the brochure does a fantastic job of featuring many LERN brochure best practices. In addition, they created themed brochures; fall 2014’s being superheroes! Using an overall theme for their brochures makes them visually appealing, easy to navigate, and really engaging.

The theme doesn’t overpower the programming, but instead, engages the reader and invokes a curiosity to explore further within the brochure. The single, centrally focused cover image is of a woman who both appears to be a superhero and a regular person at the same time. The woman is looking right at the reader, creating a really personal feel. The slogan “Power Up with CLASS!” is fitting and really jumps out. They also tease the new CLASS 4 Kids programming on the cover and direct the reader to a certain page. This highlights the new content and makes it easy to find.

The CLASS 4 Kids section of the brochure kicks off with an awesome, engaging, full-page image of two Salina_Public_Library_Insidekids in super hero gear that announces the new program with a bang and really compliments the brochure’s theme. The brochure starts with a well written and designed “about” section, explaining the program, the audience it is for, and how to register. Not only have they produced some excellent kids programing, they also now have classes for families; an excellent way to bridge the gap between kids and adults in community education. 

The classes themselves offer great programming that kids will love, including juggling, animal behavior training, family judo, and children’s cooking! The descriptions are well written and feature engaging images. The layout and programming motivate parents to enroll their children.

Salina Public Library’s CLASS brochure is both elegant and simple. It engages the reader and makes it really easy to navigate. Overall, it is a model brochure and does a masterful job of introducing new programing. The new programing is visible and easy to find, yet doesn’t overpower the brochure. It fits the theme instead of diverting from it. Salina Public Library should be commended for these efforts and for these reasons; LERN is presenting them with the Award for an Outstanding Brochure!

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