Use social tools to get more sales in contract training

Wed, Jan 21,2015 @ 08:00 AM
by Dr. Layne J. Harpine |

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When your Contract training unit offers articles for download, webinars, podcasts, blog posts, and online question and answers, you’ll slowly amass a group of people who get to know you because you offer value.

People will offer their email and contact info because they want what you’re offering to share. How many times have you given your contact information to a site that offers a free PDF or e-book in return for your information? If you haven’t yet, you need to begin to explore the new online world of vendors who are giving their expertise away to earn the privilege of getting your business. Start by doing an online search for Seth Godin and download one of his free e-books.

These days, you can’t reliably reach a customer on the phone (count on 10 cold calls to get a person on the other line, what to say of an actual prospect) and most face-to-face calls should be reserved for those who have expressed a need for them. This means that we need another way – a better, cheaper, faster way – to meet our next client. We need to be more visible in less time for less money than ever before. Electronic media are perfect for this!

Let’s say; for example, that you have a Facebook page and that this week, you let your customers know that you did four trainings, two consults, and that you have an open house on Tuesday of next week. Maybe, you also posted links to a good article about social media marketing, two testimonials (one written and one 30 second video clip), one best practice you gleaned from a customer comment, and a two-minute YouTube video of one of your hot-shot instructors explaining a key point. Add a live customer chat window (ridiculously cheap and easy to use) and you are a sales hot shot.

You’ve successfully delivered several things of value and your customers are clear that (a) you’re busy, (b) your other clients like your work, (c) you’re cutting edge, (d) you’re interested in the same things they’re interested in, and that you care about their needs and more.

Don’t know how to use social media? Email Suzanne at or ask your teenage nieces and nephews!

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