Yoga: Who Knew?

Tue, Mar 07,2017 @ 12:59 PM
by Julie Coates |

iStock-493111200.jpgIn almost every survey of popular classes, Yoga shows up near the top.

At LERN, we are not satisfied with just knowing that Yoga is popular, we wanted to know more.

Here are some facts about this long-time staple of the lifelong learning curriculum that might surprise you:

There are more than 24 million people believed to be practicing yga in the U. S. today, and the numbers are growing, adding 4 million practitioners in the last 5 years.

This makes Yoga as popular as golf in the United States. Although women outnumber men dramatically in this area, the times are changing. There are men-specific stores selling Yoga outfits today. Space has become so tight in some studios that people are fighting over mat placement.

As incomes rise, so does the desire to experience mindfulness. This is what attracts people to Yoga.



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